Orders can be placed by multiple people and each user can have their own user name and account on KLJACK.com. Orders placed by certain users can be setup to be approved by a manger before being processed. Using the MyBinStock® system speeds up the ordering process, eliminates user     errors, frees up your time to get more work done, orders are quickly shipped   to your facility or you can pick your order up at a local KL Jack BranchOrders placed by 3:30 pm EST will be shipped the same day.

Placing An Order With Your MyBinStock® Scanner:
  1. Scan bar codes from any KL Jack supplied items you need to order (Learn More)
  2. Connect the scanner to your computer
  3. Launch the MyBinStock® Application that is installed on your computer and upload your scanned items to your account

  4. Login to your KL JACK.com account, select your uploaded order from the list at the bottom of your My Account Page and add it to your shopping cart. You can checkout or continue shopping for other products and specials on KLJACK.com.

  5. Checkout and Review your order, choose your shipping method, add a PO # and submit your order
All orders placed on KLJACK.com are processed and picked by humans. This means that all orders are handled by people that know our products inside & out and can make sure you get what you need, when you need it. 

Fulfillment rates and customer service are very important to KL Jack. With a fulfillment rate of 97% we work hard to stock the items we sell. In the event that we are unable to ship your order complete, please advise in the "Notes" section your approval to ship partials, otherwise your order will be held if necessary and shipped complete. Freight charges are billed per shipment.